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Special Tours With Special Care

Special Tours With Special Care

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Canyon Adventures and Tours

Canyon Adventures and Tours is dedicated for adventures in Oman from Trekking , Mountain Biking, Classical and historical Tours, Eco friendly tours, Team building , Canyoning , Abseiling, Rock climbing and Caving with experienced and knowledgeable Guides and instructors, all of that working in harmony with environment, sharing our experience with you is of our utmost priority

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Leading in Tours, Trekking and Adventures in Oman 



Provide the best Tours, Trekking and Adventures in Oman with Hospitality and gentle care of environment and our planet


What to do in Oman


We at Canyon Adventures and Tours have experience over 30 years of Trekking and we still love to do it again and again. We would like to share what we do with you and you could  join us for an Adventures in Oman. Every Tour or Activity is tailored to meet the needs of our lovely customers, Sure your Vacation will be great and you will take back all good memories and you will come back again . 


Trekking in Oman is best done from September to March , Weather is Cool and sunshine is energizing . There are lots of treks with all different grades , some well known , Others kept for whome who would like excursions to Exreme! . If you are Trekking mad then take our Package to the best trekking route in Oman, The price for 4 persons as group  432 OMR (1099 $) USD per person only and for 8 persons as group  368 OMR  (955 $) USD per person only or Choose from our selected Trekking Routes as a daily trekking  or give us what you would like and we will set a an interesting program for you. 

Trekking in Jabel shams

Oman Tours offers unprecedented look at Natural beauty of Oman and daily life of Villages. Enjoying sunshine, Oman Dhow manufacture heritage, golden sand dunes and camping, Canyons and Mountain Ranges, Castles and Forts and Old Suqs. We organize and guide many tours whether daily tour  or a package for a couples or group. So inform us what would you like to see and we will guide you and take care of your trip. The price for Tours starts from 25 OMR only, and Oman Tour Package The price is reasonable for 4 Persons as group  532 OMR (1382 $) USD per person only and for 8 Persons as group  501 OMR (1301 $) USD per person only.  




Adventures in Oman is fascinating and thrilling . In Oman you can do many activities. Our Package is so engineered so it combines the most variety if not all the  adventures we do from rock climbing to canyoning , caving, Via ferrata  and Trekking enriched with culture, heritage and landscape tours. The Package for 8 days inclusive of hotel and camping with full Board,  a chance not to be ignored . The Price for 4 Persons as group  871 OMR only (2263 $) USD per person only  and for 8 Persons as group 702 OMR (1824 $) USD per person only. so if you are travelling as a family or a group then it is the  best offer you can take and enjoy all Adventures activities . If you are staying for shorter of time we can organize a special Program for you, we do as well daily basis adventures activities upon request like canyoning, Via ferrata, Caving and abseiling .   


Cycling Tour in Oman is facinating and offers a unique expeirence, Our Tour is Moderate where cyclists cover arround 90 KM per day through selected routes in Al Hajar Mountain Chain  passing nice villages and offering as well culture Tours, sightseeing  and trekking . watch Oman Cycling Tour in Youtube >>here




Office located in Al Hamra , Oman. Al Hamra has always been a tourist attraction as it is surrounded by a chain of mountains where is the hieghst point in Jabel shams  3000 meters ( 10000) feet above sea level and there is beautiful villages with local museums, caves and splendid nature.

We are a local people , That we can facilitate your Trip and Adventure in Oman, Please contact us on following:



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Although we provide experienced Guide and Routes are described. Participants are solely responsible for enrolling in any activity, hence participating in outdoor activities may result in a fall and injury could happen or could be fatal.